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Team for international cooperation
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Team for international cooperation

Erasmus + Programme activities will be organized and implemented by our International Relations Office:

Team for international cooperation
  • Head of International Relations Office will be responsible for main coordination of all activities related to mobility programmes. Head of International Relations Office and International Relations Officers from each Faculty will communicate with foreign partners, develop and manage collaborations, promote the mobility programmes and provide advice on mobility programmes in different aspects.
  • Administrative tasks assigned to particular faculty will be coordinated by International Relations Officers at faculty level (five representatives). They will provide assistance with enrolment and support with faculty related mobility documents and issues.
  • Academic coordinator will be responsible for decision making with regards to mobility, academic advice, assistance with learning agreements and academic recognition. He will work in close coordination with International Relations Officers.
  • Student coordinator will help with accommodation and documents, work on the promotion of mobility programmes and organize social and educational events and activities that both outgoing and incoming students may find beneficial. He is supervised by International Relations Officers and Head of International Relations Office.
  • Technical coordinator is responsible for providing the technical support necessary for communication and the operation of the International Relations Office. Language coordinator helps to the participants with weak language skills in order to make their mobility more efficient and effective and to improve the performance results of their learning. Technical coordinator and language coordinator work under the supervision of Head of International Relations Office.



Head of Office

Lidija Madzar





Prorector for International Relations and development

Maja Ćuk